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My story

In my early 40s, I found myself in the midst of perimenopause, and it brought along some unexpected challenges.
One of the most difficult was the sudden loss of my hair. I was devastated and confused, not knowing what was happening to me.
I remember standing in the shower, tears streaming down my face, as I realized that menopause had arrived. The thinning of my hair, especially on the top of my head, was so severe that I resorted to always keeping my hair up, hiding my scalp from others.
It became my little secret, one that I kept even from my husband, fearing he might not love me anymore.
That's when I discovered wig shows and became captivated by the idea. Wearing wigs became my solution, and to this day, I still wear them.
They have become a part of who I am, and I love the confidence and joy they bring into my life.

Now, my ultimate desire is to help others feel the way I do - free from shame and sadness, and filled with only happiness.
I want to empower others and give them the courage and strength to embrace their own unique journey.