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Nu Skin Tanner.

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Our Nu Skin Tanner is designed to give your skin a beautiful, natural-looking glow. It effortlessly enhances your complexion, providing a sun-kissed radiance, our Nu Skin Tanner is your go-to product for achieving a stunning, healthy glow.

To achieve the best results with our product, follow these easy instructions for application:

1. Start by exfoliating your skin: Before applying the product, make sure to exfoliate your skin to remove any dead cells or impurities. This will help ensure an even application and longer-lasting results.

2. Moisturize your skin: After exfoliating, apply a light moisturizer to hydrate your skin. This will create a smooth canvas for the product and help it blend seamlessly.

3. Apply the product evenly: Apply the product evenly to your skin.  Be sure to pay attention to areas that tend to be drier, such as elbows, knees, and ankles.

4. Let it dry: Once you have applied the product, allow it to dry completely before getting dressed or coming into contact with water. I wait 40 minutes, but it's recommended to wait for at least 30 minutes to ensure the product has fully absorbed into your skin.

5. Avoid showering for four hours: To allow the product to develop fully, avoid showering or any activities that may cause excessive sweating for at least four hours after application. This will give the tanning agents enough time to work their magic and give you a beautiful, long-lasting glow.